Podcast and Radio Recommendations

A few podcast and radio things I’ve listened to recently (thanks, painting and decorating marathon!) and recommend because why not.

The latest series of Do The Right Thing was brilliant. The best panel show type comedy in any format right now, imo. Highlights of this series were Bridget Christie’s impression of Russell Brand (episode 7) and Colin Hoult in character as Anna Mann throughout the Christmas special. https://www.comedy.co.uk/podcasts/dotherightthing/

A Very Fatal Murder is a dead-on parody of true crime podcasts like Serial from a couple of years ago. Made by The Onion, episodes are just 10 mins long so you can listen to the whole thing in just over an hour. Worth it for stuff like “for pictures of the corpse and hundreds of other corpses, sign up to premium for just 5.99 a month”. https://www.theonion.com/c/a-very-fatal-murder

I really like Within The Wires which has just finished series 4. Each series is a separate story set within a dystopian world controlled by the New Society following the Great Reckoning; these single voice recordings gradually reveal more about their worlds over the course of each series. This latest one is about religion and communities trying to exist outside authority. http://www.nightvalepresents.com/withinthewires

And if you do like Within The Wires, then you might like the weird fiction Murmurs on BBC Sounds, which was also created by Janina Mathewson. I found them a bit hit and miss but particularly enjoyed The Queue and the three-part When We Are Heard. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07w07fy

On similar lines, I love the weird X-Filesy fiction of The Black Tapes so was pleased to see new episodes arrive in my feed reader. Except they weren’t new episodes, it was a repost of the last series as a warm up for the new series. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise I’d already heard them. The first time was that new baby-induced sleeplessness so it was good to listen to them again, and tune back in to the ‘so-and-so also had interests that were a little more (dramatic pause) (ominous tone) esoteric’ thing they do that always makes me laugh. http://theblacktapespodcast.com

Rule of Three – comedians interviewed about comedy they love. They’re all good and I’m miles behind but I recently enjoyed Sue Perkins on Spinal Tap and Jack Docherty on Ivor Cutler. https://www.ruleofthreepod.com/

And lastly, I thought the one-off drama The Hartlepool Spy (Radio 4) was very funny and had summat to say https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001qvl

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