Danny Antrobus

Hi. I’m Danny, a fundraiser and small charity jack-of-all-trades based in Sheffield. I do bits of freelance work, consultancy, training, whatever really, to help small charitable and social enterprise organisations do what they need to do.

I’ve been Fundraising and Finance Coordinator at Asperger’s Children & Carers Together since 2018, managing this small Autism charity’s finances and bringing in around £200,000 per year as this ambitious charity develops and delivers support to 500+ autistic children and young people each year.

I take on short and long-term freelance work with organisations too, with recent work for Ignite Imaginations, Third Angel and City of Sanctuary Sheffield.

I’ve recently written successful funding applications to a wide range of funding bodies, including Arts Council England, National Lottery Community Fund, BBC Children in Need and Garfield Weston Foundation. I’ve helped develop new project ideas, implemented and developed individual giving programmes, run crowdfunding campaigns and managed Gift Aid. I’ve also supported organisations with tasks around governance, impact and evaluation, and admin & systems, as well as providing training and facilitation (e.g. the 2019 Urban Flows Hackathon).

I worked for South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau from 2004-12, delivering funding information, advice and training. I was co-Director of The Better With Data Society from 2014-18, founding and running a small social enterprise running community data projects.

Happy to have a natter about any projects I might be able to help with. Please contact me using the form below, or on Twitter or Mastodon if you prefer.

I am also a writer of comedy, mainly topical sketches and gags for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack and others, as well as bits of script editing and even acting. Always interested in new comedy collaborations too. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, contact me via the form below. My writing credits are here.